Nature's Elixir. Face and Neck Serum. 


❧ This powerful Elixir is simply the best night treatment. It is made with pure therapeutic grade essential oils, to organically nourish and protect the skin from premature aging, dark spots, sun damage and wrinkles. 


❧ Mix it with fine sugar to create the perfect lip and face scrub!!

❧ Nature's Elixir. 1oz.
     Argan Oil - Rich moisturizer with vitamin E
     Carrot Seed - Powerful antioxidant 
     Frankincense - Natural anticeptic and astringent to tighten the skin
     Ylang Ylang - Its exquisite aroma promotes emotional wellness 

❧ Warm 10 to 15 elixir drops in your hands and gently apply to your neck and face every night.

Try it with:

❧ REPLENISH Tisane, a remineralizing tea to nourish your skin from inside out. 

❧ UNWIND Body Oil, a relaxing anise and chamomile oil.

No artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances.

Proud Brand from El Paso, TX. ♥

Nature's Elixir | Face Serum

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