Balance Body Oil.

Great to avoid stretch marks and to nourish dry skin.

Mix it with sugar for a deep polish body scrub!!


❧ BALANCE 4oz.

     Blackberry - Geranium - Rose of Castile - Rosehip - Rosemary.


❧ Natural Aid ⤍ Avoids stretch marks during pregnancy.

❧ Therapeutic ⤍ Deeply nourishes any skin type.

Aromatherapy ⤍ Massage your body with this oil and let its sweet floral aromas carry away any feelings of anxiety or stress..


Inhale.. Exhale.. Balance!

Try it with

❧ The BALANCE Tisane.

❧ See the UNWIND Set and get the full relaxing experience.


Our complete line of Herbal Oils are meant to nourish your skin while relaxing your mind... Us them as moisturizer, massage oil, soothing aromatherapy, and as your natural aid kit. 

No artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances.

Proud Brand from El Paso, TX. ♥

Balance | Body Oil | Geranium Rosehip and Rosemary

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