Keep Up Body Oil.

A refreshing relief for your legs and feet.

Mix it with sugar to create a refreshing leg and feet scrub!!


❧ KEEP UP 4oz.

     Bergamot - Hamamelis - Mint.


❧ Natural Aid ⤍ Promotes blood circulation and reduce inflammation on feet and legs with a long lasting refreshing sensation.

❧ Therapeutic ⤍ Releases heaviness and tension while avoiding varicose veins. 

Aromatherapy ⤍ Massage your chest when sick to open the respiratory track.


Inhale.. Exhale.. Keep Up!

Try it with

❧ The KEEP UP Tisane, the energy tea.

❧ See the LET GO Set and get the two basics: Pain Relief and Refreshing.


Our line of Herbal Oils are meant to nourish your skin while relaxing your mind... Us them as moisturizer, massage oil, soothing aromatherapy, and as your natural aid kit. 

No artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances.

Proud Brand from El Paso, TX. ♥

Keep Up | Body Oil | Bergamot  Hamamelis and Mint

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